Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal in Mesa, AZ

Toothaches are a common dental concern that can affect anyone at any time. While some toothaches can be treated at home, others may require professional dental care, particularly those that are caused by infection. Root canal treatments have gotten a bad reputation for being painful or scary when really they are a routine dental procedure that can restore the health of your natural tooth. Before scheduling your free consultation with the knowledgeable team at Restoration Dental, here’s what you should know about root canal therapy.

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, sometimes simply referred to as a “root canal,” is a procedure that’s used to remove the infection from the inside of a tooth. This is done to alleviate pain, stop the infection from spreading, and, most importantly, prevent the tooth from being extracted. Root canal treatments are often used to restore teeth that have been injured, have large cavities, or have experienced problems with old fillings. 

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may need root canal therapy:

  •     Severe dental pain, especially when eating
  •     Gum inflammation
  •     Prolonged sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold foods
  •     A pimple on your gums
  •     A cracked or fractured tooth

Endodontics Diagnosis and Treatment

Endodontic treatment has come a long way in recent years. In many cases, undergoing a root canal procedure is as routine as having a traditional filling placed in your mouth. During your root canal appointment at Restoration Dental, here’s what you can expect to take place:

  • The dentist will perform an oral exam, go over your symptoms with you, and take X-rays of your mouth to see what is taking place below the surface of your teeth and gums. Based on these three factors, they will create an individualized treatment plan to restore the health of your tooth.
  • Before the procedure begins, they will use a local anesthetic to ensure your infected tooth is perfectly numb.
  • When your tooth is numb, they will remove the infection and pulp from inside your tooth.
  • A temporary filling will be placed in the empty hole where the infection was to protect it until your permanent dental crown is complete. 

Referral to an Endodontist If Necessary

At Restoration Dental, our dental team is well-equipped to handle most root canal treatments in a safe, professional, and effective manner. In some instances, however, it may be best for patients with complicated endodontics needs to be referred to a dentist who specializes in root canal treatments, called an endodontist. If this is the case for you, we will happily make a referral in order for you to receive the best care possible.

    Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatments offer many benefits to individuals with infected teeth. These include:

    • Alleviating pain
    • Restoring the normal function of your mouth, including biting and chewing
    • Preventing the spread of infection
    • Preserving your natural tooth

    Root Canal Treatment Cost

    The cost of your root canal treatment will depend on what your dental insurance plan covers. Please contact our office during business hours to learn more about what your particular dental insurance policy includes.

    Root Canal Dentist in Mesa

    If you have a severe toothache, don’t wait to seek professional dental care. In most cases, dental problems won’t go away on their own and can often become more complicated and painful if left untreated over time. At Restoration Dental, our compassionate dental team is eager to help you relieve your oral pain and protect the well-being of your smile, no matter what the cause of your discomfort may be. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see if root canal therapy could benefit you.