A bright smile starts with having a healthy dental orientation. Many aspects of life, including how we feel about ourselves, can be affected by having healthy teeth and the ability to smile enough to show them. However, what happens when you suffer from a dental accident, an infection, a buildup of tartar, tooth decay, or gum disease? Is it time to consider having dental implant surgery? Maybe yes, or maybe not yet. But a dental implant is something you can choose to get at any point in life.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically inserted into the jawbone to act as a solid base for an artificial tooth. An implant differs from previous tooth replacement procedures by replacing both the tooth and the root. More people recognize dental implants over traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures. The number of people expected to get dental implants in the U.S. alone is expected to rise by approximately 500,000 annually.


Type of dental implants

Endosteal – These implants resemble screws made from materials like titanium and are done in the bone.


Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

In dental implants, most people are candidates as the procedure can be used to replace one or more teeth and can be used instead of dentures or bridges. Perfect candidates for dental implants are old enough bones to anchor implants, have healthy gums, lack surgical-related problems, and have the will to have a healthier dental structure.

Even if your teeth or jaw are not perfect, you may still be a great candidate for dental implants. It’s recommended to talk to reputable dentistry to achieve the best results. Restoration Dental is one of the best in Mesa, Arizona.  


When is a dental implant needed?

Getting a dental implant is a viable choice in cases where you lose your natural tooth, whether through a dental accident or infection. The loss of a tooth that isn’t replaced will have a cascading effect on the entire jawline and, obviously, your smile. This could mean changes in how you bite, smile, laugh, and even talk in some cases.


Is implant necessary after tooth extraction?

You can experience bone loss if your tooth has been gone for a while. Before you can proceed with dental implant surgery, this needs a bone graft. Without a replacement tooth after tooth loss or extraction, the jawbone may start to degenerate. This happens because biting protects the jawbone by putting stress on it and stimulating it. Dental implants support a solid bite, preserving each tooth’s normal alignment while encouraging a strong jawbone and halting bone loss.  


What should I expect during the procedure?

You should receive a thorough evaluation from your dental specialist during the consultation and planning stage. At this moment, the specialist will assess the quality of your jawbone to determine everything. When it is determined that you are healthy, they will design the medical procedure arrangement.

The first step in dental implant surgery entails the extraction of the identified tooth or teeth. If the section is healthy, the dentist can proceed by placing a synthetic bone for the implant. For a location with bone loss, a bone graft is needed. After the recommended procedure, a healing cap is capped over the implant and the gum stitched, which is when healing begins.

Although recovery majorly depends on the bone quality and varies across individuals, the procedure requires about six months of healing. Throughout the procedure, you must maintain frequent appointments as recommended by your doctor.


Is a dental implant a major surgery?

Dental implant surgery can be major oral surgery and requires a professional. There are three significant steps: dental implant placement, abutment installation, and crown fitting. Depending on the recommended surgery, the dentist might decide to do bone grafting, which is placed to get a solid bone base and can be complex.


Recieve dental implant surgery in Mesa, AZ

Healthy dental orientation equals a beautiful smile. If you are in Mesa, AZ, and believe a dental implant would be right for you, be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation. Our able dentists will assist you in getting professional dental care and ultimately develop a personalized dental treatment plan for you.

Fadi Naioom


I am Dr. Fadi Naioom, a dedicated dentist who graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health in 2014. After realizing my dream of opening my own dental office in Phoenix Valley amidst the 2020 pandemic, I have committed myself to delivering personalized, comprehensive dental care to my patients. Beyond dentistry, I am a family man and a movie enthusiast, appreciating every moment I spend with my wife Mary and our two children, Micah and Emma.