Teeth are essential for many daily functions, and you should never underestimate the importance of oral health. Whether it’s how you smile, how you speak or how you eat, having missing teeth can highly take a toll on your confidence. Your dental health should be a priority.


Maybe you have sagging dentures, a sinking dental formation because of teeth loss, or damaged teeth. No need for alarm as dental implants are one of the best alternatives to natural teeth. Don’t let your missing teeth affect your jaw. In Mesa, AZ, Restoration Dental is the best at restoring your dental health, providing the best general family dentistry and cosmetic dental care. Here are ten credible benefits of dental implants surgery


1. Dental Implants Match Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants will likely give you a natural look and feel compared to many other dentistry operations. At times, they can feel like your natural teeth. However, being a type of customized dental treatment, your dentist will work with you to ensure that they precisely complement the natural teeth in your mouth. Patients with implants can typically eat, floss, and brush their teeth.


2. Implants Prevent Bone & Tooth Loss

Dental implants are structured to last for a lifespan as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. Since dental implants are made of titanium, this highly helps fuse the teeth with the jawbone creating a robust dental formation. In addition, dental implants mimic the jaw bone’s sensation, which helps prevent bone deterioration. 


3. Dental Implants Support Adjacent Teeth

As you age, the teeth on either side of your mouth may begin to form gaps which alter the positioning. This often results in biting difficulties and misalignment of teeth. Therefore, it’s essential to close the gap as quickly as possible because doing so will help maintain your smile.


4. Easy to Care for

Often, some dental repairs can be demanding in terms of care needed. With dental implants, no special is necessary as it doesn’t demand extreme care or high costs. All you have to do is brush and floss as you usually would do your regular teeth. 


5. Dental Implants Enable Natural Speech

Your speech may be altered if you have missing teeth. Additionally, some alternative tooth replacement options, such as dentures, can affect your speaking ability because of various shortcomings.


Dental implants let you speak typically and form words like you’re used to because they function and feel like normal teeth. Also, they are strong enough and in line with the jawbone, which gives them the stability you need.


6. Dental Implants Stay in Place

Even with the most excellent dentist and the greatest intentions, many dentures will ultimately move around in your mouth, making patients uncomfortable. As a result, they could experience discomfort when laughing, talking, or eating. One of the most notable benefits of dental implants is the absence of slippage. Your implants will be safely inserted and moored, so you never have to worry about teeth slipping while you talk or eat.


7. Restores Bite Force

You can bite forcefully with dental implants just like natural teeth. This is because they are firmly fixed in your jawbone. Other tooth replacement choices don’t offer the same stability for your bite because they rest on top of your gum and may not be joined with the jawbone. 


8. Dental Implants Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Gum disease, sometimes called periodontitis, can be brought on by germs when we don’t brush or floss properly. These areas may be simpler to clean and floss around if you have dental implants. This translates to preventing and reducing the risk of periodontitis.


9. Prevents Changes In the Shape Of Your Face

Your teeth support the structure of your face. When teeth are lost, that facial support is also lost. This ultimately causes your face to lose shape and appear older. Dental implants provide that very significant support.


10. There Are No Cavities

Dental implants are constructed of titanium. This means that it’s unlikely for dental implants to develop cavities or drastically deteriorate. Hence, you never have to worry about dealing with cavities or breaking teeth. 


Choose Restoration Dental for Dental Implants in Mesa, AZ

The ultimate objective of restoration dental is to offer a high standard of care to your teeth. Restoration Dental is here to restore your smile and confidence. Our Mesa, AZ dental office is designed with modern and luxurious amenities to give you comfort as we take care of your oral health. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Fadi Naioom


I am Dr. Fadi Naioom, a dedicated dentist who graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health in 2014. After realizing my dream of opening my own dental office in Phoenix Valley amidst the 2020 pandemic, I have committed myself to delivering personalized, comprehensive dental care to my patients. Beyond dentistry, I am a family man and a movie enthusiast, appreciating every moment I spend with my wife Mary and our two children, Micah and Emma.